Send a Task to a Mobile User

When you’re viewing a Task record, the Send button will send the Task to the assigned app user.  They will receive it on their mobile device, to prompt them to do whatever you’ve specified.

You cannot send a Task until you specify one or more Activities for the Task.

Once you send a Task, the Task fields will be locked and no longer editable – though this may change in future versions.

The Delete button is always available and allows you to remove a Task at any time.

This will permanently delete the Task and its Activities, so take care when doing so.

Manage Docs

With Docs you can replace the manuals, specs and other paper that your workers carry around in the field.

Anytime you want to update a Doc, our publishing process automatically takes care of distributing the changes out to app users in the field.

To view your existing Docs

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Data Source

What is a Data Source?

Data Sources let you create and maintain data sets for use in Screens, for example a list of choices, a product catalog, list of contacts etc. 

You can use Data Sources in Choices questions across any number of your Forms, as well as the backing data for other Screen types.
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