Data Source

What is a Data Source?

Data Sources let you create and maintain data sets for use in Screens, for example a list of choices, a product catalog, list of contacts etc. 

You can use Data Sources in Choices questions across any number of your Forms, as well as the backing data for other Screen types.

For example, you could have a Contacts data source which you expose as a Listing type screen with it’s own icon on your app start screen.

In addition to saving time by centralising your data sets in one place, any changes you make to Data Sources will automatically update on any Screens that the Data Source has been linked to.  The platform will ensure that mobile app deployments of these linked Screens will also seamlessly update.

If you have technical personnel, you can even update your Data Sources through the integration API.  This opens up the ability to integrate with your existing systems such that changes to database tables or lists within your existing systems automatically update into your mobile app.

For example you may have a catalog of products that you maintain in your inventory software.

By hooking up the integration API, any inventory changes could be automatically flowed to your app users in the field.

If you like, we can quote for helping you with your data integration.