Troubleshooting the app

Sometimes a form, job history or another item will seem like it’s stuck. This can be for many reasons.

  • No data connection
  • Incorrectly logged in
  • Logged in as someone else
  • Wrong information
  • User hasn’t synced with the platform


The last one is the major reason for the majority of failed uploads, this in itself has many reasons, the majority of which can be fixed by the following steps.


An indication of this is checking the user’s phone activity on the platform. Many times if a user cannot sync, the activity says the user has not synced for a number of days.



NOTE: If there are pending uploads or data still on forms waiting to sync, then under no circumstance is the FormsFly app to be uninstalled.

If the FormsFly app is uninstalled and reinstalled then all data will be lost. There is nothing we can do to recover this after a reinstall.


  1. Either make sure the phone power is sufficient or plug into a power source.
  2. Confirm that the phone is connected to a good reliable data connection, either mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  3. Check phone OS. Update if available
  4. Check FormsFly App. Update if available.
  5. Confirm email/login credentials for App.
  6. Reboot phone.
  7. Open the FormsFly app
  8. Check data connection
  9. Login to app
  10. Go to settings
  11. Sync app