FormsFly Support, help and consultancy

How it works

Create Form, Link your data, Use in field, link output to many Services and Formats.

Creating forms

From Scratch, our Calalog or from our form conversion service.

Connecting your Data

Link data-sources, connectors and our API at every stage.

Extensive Help
Tutorials. Large Reference. Free form Conversion. Consultancy.

 What is FormsFly!

  • FormsFly is a mobile device based form.
  • Design a custom form from the online designer.
  • Create, edit and publish your form.
  • Use the custom form on your mobile or tablet at work or on the go.
  • Upload form and see it emailed or sent to any number of shared connections.
To get started: Register an account, Install on Android or IOS and log into the Platform Designer.

 Multiple possibilities

  • Create and use as many forms as needed.
  • Add more users and control how they use the service.
  • See all uploaded data from the platform.
  • Link form data to a data source like a contact list.
  • Automatically send form data via a template based on your company stationary in Word, Excel or PDF to anyone or anywhere.

 Create a Form

You can get creative with your own forms, in three different ways:

  • Create from scratch. Learn how from our Tutorials and Support Reference.
  • Free form conversion. If you've just signed up then let us convert your first form for free.
  • Or choose from a pre-made form from the Catalog. 140+ forms and counting to choose from.

Get a head start from many different industries.

Browse, Install, Publish and ready to use.

Help and Support

As a guide the support site covers three levels of ability and knowledge.

1. I have no programming experience and want to see the easiest ways to produce my forms.

The best place to start is the getting started tutorials and videos.

2. I am a power user and would like to learn more in-depth ways to format my forms.

The reference pages and learning about formulas.

3. I am a programmer and am interested in using the FormsFly programming interface (API).

Our API can interface with most RESTful systems.


Some of the main areas that the reference sections cover are

  • Tutorials.
  • Functions.
  • API.
  • Connectors.
  • Widget.
  • Templates.
  • Tasks.
  • Data Sources.
  • Organisation setup.

Connecting it all together.

Integrating data and Connectors are at the heart of FormsFly.

  • They can send the data in either a raw text format via email
  • Send via a document Template to any number of other services.
  • Send POST data to your system
  • Update a Google spreadsheet
  • Upload to a FTP connection, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google drive among others.
  • Connect to third party services like Zapier via a webhook

Data sources

A Data source is one of the more useful features.
  • Import data from an external file
  • Connect or link external data
  • Use in pre-populated fields.
  • Use our API to read or write to a data source


  • Complete form and template management
  • Help with integration
  • Custom Widgets
  • Contact us for more information