Who does all the design and setup?

Anyone can design and setup the app. We have extensive reference guides and help pages just for this. From installing a pre made app from our store to how to use functions and formula.

We are on hand to answer questions if you cannot find the answer here.

For companies that need a little more, we offer a paid consultancy service where we can create all forms from scratch and update and maintain them.

What if I don’t have a signal?

What happens if I am out of range of a data or WiFi signal?

So long as the app is previously synchronised with your latest form version and data sources, then the app has everything it needs to open a form and save all entered data.

When a form is complete and the upload button has been clicked then so long as the app is active in the foreground then the app should synchronise with the cloud. A periodic check to see if the phone is within a data signal and then making sure the app is running just like any other app, would ensure a successful synchronisation.

Can I re-brand the App?

The easiest way to re-brand the app with your wording and graphics is to just customise the app from My Account.

The app within the app store will still show FormsFly, but within will be your logo and company name.

If the app store logo and naming is important then the cost is much greater as there is more work in setting up a new brand this way along with subsequently submitting the app to Google and/or Apple as a separate app. This would be more suitable for large scale corporations.