Create a New Doc

Upload a file that your mobile app users can then see when they’re out in the field.

It could be a PDF document, a video, a text file – anything that their mobile device can open is just fine.

When you click on the Docs tab, you will enter the Docs listing screen. This shows all Docs that are currently available. You can sort the Docs and also filter using the Search box. By default any Archived Docs will not show, but you can display these by checking the Show Archived box.

To create a new Doc, use the “add new” option available in the options bar.

Adding a Doc is easy:

Enter a name for the Doc file.

This name is what will show to mobile app users.

Enter an External ID for the Doc (optional)

The purpose of this field is to allow you to link the Doc to any other system or naming conventions you may use for your documentation.

Choose an icon to display to app users. This helps with quickly identifying types of Docs to your users in the field.

Enter a description for the Doc.

Choose a file to upload from your computer.

This is the actual file that you want to make available to your users.

When uploading files, you should consider the file size since this file will be downloaded by the app. If you have a lot of large Doc files (over 1 megabyte), you should ensure that your users’ mobile data plans have sufficient data allowances to handle this.

Decide whether you want to log that the Doc has been opened by your app users. If you check the box, then the app will create a logging entry in the mobile activity logs every time an app user opens the Doc. This can be useful if you need to ensure that all your users have viewed an important file.

If you are using User Groups, you will also see a Restrict To field. Should you select a specific group to restrict the Doc to, then only web and app users in that Group will be able to view and access the Doc

Once you’ve filled out the fields, hit the Create button to create the Doc.

This may take a while if you are uploading a large file.