Metadata on Company and Users


You now have the ability to associate key/value metadata on both the Company/Organisation and User level on our platform.
This enables you to record additional information against these entities, and then access this data in Forms and other areas of the system via new META formula functions.

Adding/Editing Metadata

To get started with adding or editing metadata, simply head over to the “Edit User” and “Organisation Setup” pages in the secure website.
There you will see a new “Metadata” field, which lets you add key/value sets of information.
Don’t forget to hit the Save button to persist your changes :)

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.19.22 pm

The new metadata is also available right now on our v2 Company and User APIs, so you can programatically get and set metadata values as desired.

Accessing Metadata

To make use of the metadata you have loaded, we’ve added two new formula functions:

  • ORGMETA(‘keyname’)
  • USERMETA(‘keyname’)

Both the above functions will get you the value for the given key name at Organisation and User level respectively.
As this is part of our formula engine, you can make use of these functions anywhere formulae are supported – Form screens, data templates, conditions etc.