API FormsFly System

We’re always looking to make our integration API FormsFly System as accessible and easy to understand as possible.

To date this has been achieved by having detailed documentation on each API endpoint and option, but we’ve released a new way to discover and understand our APIs – introducing the API Explorer!

You can access the API Explorer on:


Built on the Swagger open source library, we’ve exposed our current version 2 API endpoints in an easy to understand visual format.
Browse each available endpoint and its supported HTTP verbs, view the model properties and even test out calls to the API in the API Explorer.
Simply put its an integrators dream and we think it should make API integration projects much easier to implement.

While the primary focus of the Explorer is in JSON format requests and responses, there are areas where you can specify an XML response type to get an idea of what the API requires and responds with on the XML side too.

The API Explorer is a dynamic, living document of our version 2 API and is generated directly from our API code, thus allowing you to have confidence that what you see in the Explorer is exactly what is supported and available on the API.

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