FormsFly Web Platform Gets a Facelift!

At last, we have ready a brand new (and much prettier) interface for the FormsFly Web Admin Platform.  The new design uses the “Bootstrap” framework to provide you with a richer experience when you are logged in to the website.

The first page you see is the dashboard (above), which gives an overview of your account.

The various menus from the old system, which had grown organically into a bit of a tangle, are combined and rationalised into a single, much simpler, menu on the left hand side in the new version.  The new menu can also be minimised to give you more screen space.

Quick Tips

To help you find the most frequently used bits more quickly, here’s where to find them in the new menu…

Edit a Form/Screen in my appApps > Screens
View incoming Data from my formsData Entries > Table VIew (or Map View)
View or edit the lists used in dropdowns (Data Sources)Connected Data > Data Sources
Customise my app's colours, logo etcApps > App Setup
View forms/tasks I've sent to mobile workersTasks & Dispatch > Tasks
View the User list for my accountCompany & Users > Users & Groups

The new version will be released to the live system during March 2013, so you don’t need to take any special action.

We are sure you will enjoy the improvements, and we are of course here if you need any help to find your way around it.


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