REST Connectors: New File Push/Global options

We’ve just released a handy upgrade to our REST connector that should help with a number of scenarios customers have been asking for.

Push FilesYou can now POST/PUT generated file outputs to your desired REST web services, in addition to the existing JSON & XML data option.
Simply choose the desired file format, upload a data template if you want custom file outputs, and you’re good to go.
For cases where you want to send the form entry data and also a generated file output, simply add two REST connectors – one for the JSON/XML data and one for the file output.

New {{GLOBAL}} option for Destination URLs (Forms REST + Data Source Hosted GET)

A number of customers are getting more advanced with integrations to our platform and that’s great to see.


Often these integrations involve a “master copy” of Screens and Data Sources that are deployed to various client accounts via our Store function.
Where some trouble has been encountered is where these integrations involve:

  • different REST endpoints per Form and/or Data Source
  • and different web domains used for each client account

For example:

In Client 1’s account, Form ABC may have REST connector destination of,
while Form XYZ may have destination of
In Client 2’s account, the destinations would be and respectively.

Our existing Global Url functionality did not help in cases such as the above, since our design assumption was that you would use a single REST endpoint for all Forms/Data Sources across a company account.

To help, we have added a new {{GLOBAL}} option to embed into your endpoint URLs.
When our system runs the connector, it will detect the {{GLOBAL}} placeholder and automatically replace this with the value configured in the Organisation Setup -> Form/Data Source Global URL.

So in the example above, you could set the destination URLs to be {{GLOBAL}}/forms/ABC and {{GLOBAL}}/forms/XYZ respectively.
You would then set the Global Forms URL in the Organisation Setup to be and for Client 1 and Client 2 respectively.