Text based Functions

SUBSTR(val, startIndex, lengthOptional) Substring Retrieves a substring from the given value. Substrings start at the zero-indexed start position and run to the end of the val unless an optional character length is specified.  e.g. if myfield has value ‘ABCDEF’, then:  SUBSTR({{myfield}}, 2)   gives CDEF   SUBSTR({{myfield}}, 2, 1)   gives C   Substring
CONCAT(val1, val2, val3) Concatenate
JOIN('separator', val1, val2) Join Concatenate With Separator
SUBSTITUTE(val, old text, new text) Substitute Substitutes new text for old text into the given value. e.g. if myfield has value ‘ABC|DEF’, then:  SUBSTITUTE({{myfield}}, ‘|’, ‘\n’)   replaces | with new line
LOWER(val) Lower Case Converts all characters in the specified val to lower case e.g.  LOWER({{myfield}})
UPPER(val) Upper Case Converts all characters in the specified val to upper case e.g.  UPPER({{myfield}})
RANDOMSTR(length) Random String Generates a random string of characters of the given length
GUID() GUID Generates a new  ‘http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globally_unique_identifier’   Globally Unique Identifier