Formula Builder

What is a Formula/Text Builder?

Formulas can be used in many areas for more control over the use of the form. This gives us the ability to create useful and complex forms.

Learn how to create a Function.

Formula Builder

The Formula or Text Builder icon is found next to certain form field attribute boxes on hover.

A Text Builder allows the user to populate certain form field attributes with custom text and or the result from another form field from its {{dataName}}.

Text Builder

In addition, certain form field attributes also allow the use of functions to be used in a Formula Builder.

Insert a Function

A Formula Builder is the same as a Text Builder but with the ability to include Functions and includes the extra ‘Insert a Function’ combo box.

Formula Builder

Where can I use the formula or text builder?


Text Builder, Formula Builder or None?

The table shows which attributes allows which builder if any. If an attribute indicates ‘None’ then only raw text is allowed, no dataNames or functions can be expected to work here.


(Example location navigation: ‘’ would just be:’/Screens/Form/Design/’ )

/Screens/Form/Design/  i.e. the main Form Design Screen.

 Field type:
Form Field Attribute:
Text Builder, Formula Builder or None?
all ss (2015-04-16 at 11.04.37) None
all Title Text Text
all Hint Text Text
all Default Value Text
all Invalid Message None
all Visibility Formula
all Dynamic Value Formula
all  Bind To Global Value None
all Custom Validation Formula
all Placeholder Text Text



/Screens/Form/Connectors/  i.e. the main Form Connector Screen.

 Connector type:
Form Field Attributes:
Text Builder, Formula Builder or None?
 FTPGeoOpGoogleDriveOneDriveDropbox  File Name Formula
FTPGoogleDriveOneDriveDropbox Folder Path Formula
email To AddressesSubjectBodyAttachment Name Formula
all Only Perform Action When Formula
rest Capture from URLHeaderBody Formula