API – GET Data Source

The Data Source API

Allows you to retrieve a Data Source from the platform.

On the Cloud this API is available via SSL secured HTTPS connection using the REST GET verb.
The format query string parameter controls the desired response format.  Specify either xml or json.


The format query string parameter controls the desired response format.  Specify either xml or json.

GET DataSource

The GET verb allows you to retrieve a single DataSource, identified by its unique Id.
The required and optional parameters for a GET call to the DataSource API are outlined below.

Parameter Name Data Type Required Description
CompanyId Integer Yes Your unique Company Id found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website
Integrationkey String Yes Your unique Integration Key found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website


Yes The unique identifier of the DataSource you wish to retrieve

The external identifier for the DataSource to retrieve

ReturnRows Boolean No Whether or not to return the Rows for this Data Source in the response.
Defaults to False.
If set to True, then will return Rows in a paginated form, using the PageSize and PageNo values below.
PageSize Integer No The page number of the Rows result set that you wish to receive back.
Defaults to 0, which is the first page of the Rows result set.
PageNo Integer No The number of Rows returned per page.
Maximum value of 100.
Defaults to 100.

GET Response

The data returned from a DataSource GET is provided as follows:

Data Source Response (<DataSourceResponse>)

Field Name Data Type Description
DataSource DataSource The Data Source found
ResponseStatus ResponseStatus Contains response errors if any occur – helpful for support and debugging purposes

DataSource (<DataSource>)

Input Name Data Type Description
Id GUID The unique identifier of this Data Source
ExternalId String The external Id of the Data Source
CompanyId Integer Unique organisation identifier of this Data Source
Name String The name of the Data Source.
Headers Collection A collection of Header Items.
TotalRows Integer The total number of Rows in this Data Source
Rows Collection Collection of Row items for this Data Source
Is only populated if the ReturnRows request option is set to True.
When populated, this is a paginated result set.

Header (<Header>)

Field Name Data Type Required Description
Name String Yes Name of this Header
DisplayAt String No Specifies the desired app display position of this column’s values in each Data Source row.
Options available are:
Title – The main title area of the row
SubLeft – Appears below the Title in smaller text
Thumb – Displays the column value as an image thumbnail to the left of the Title. Only applicable if your column values are http URLs pointing at PNG or JPG files.

Row (<Row>)

Each Row is a collection of Val (<Val>) items, which are the individual column values for that Row.

API Usage Example

Given that the API is REST based, you can access the API directly via your web browser to test it using a REST plugin like the Postman plugin for Google Chrome.

GET Request – XML

GET /api/v2/datasource?externalid=SPORTS-001&integrationkey=xxxxxxxxxxxx&companyid=1&format=xml&returnrows=true&pageno=0&pagesize=100


GET Response – XML

	<Name>Favorite Sports</Name>
			<Name>Sport Code</Name>
			<Name>Sport Name</Name>
			<Val>Air Hockey</Val>
			<Val>This is some additional information about Air Hockey</Val>
			<Val>This is some additional information about Football</Val>
			<Val>Chess (We have no additional info or images for this sport)</Val>