The DELETE verb

allows you to delete a single Task that has not yet been completed.  The platform will immediately remove the Task from the assigned User.

You may use either JSON or XML formats in your request.

You indicate this by setting the ContentType HTTP header as “application/json” or “application/xml”.

If no ContentType is specified, XML format is assumed.

The required and optional parameters for a DELETE to the Tasks API are outlined below.

Parameter Name Data Type Required Description
STask STask Yes The Task that you wish to create.  See the STask type definition from the GET above.

STask (<STask>) Required Fields

The following fields must be specified when issuing a POST request to the STask API.

All other fields are optional.  Task completion fields (e.g. Status, ActualCompleteLat) will be ignored.

Field Name Data Type Description
IntegrationKey String Your unique Integration Key found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website (under My Account)
ProviderId Integer Your unique Provider Id found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website (under My Account)
Id GUID Unique identifier of the Task.  You would have received this when creating the Task via POST.

DELETE Response

If the DELETE update is successful, a 200 HTTP status is returned with an empty response.

If the DELETE is unsuccessful, a 400 HTTP status is returned along with a STaskResponse.

STask Response (<STaskResponse>)

Field Name Data Type Description
ResponseStatus ResponseStatus Details of any errors that may have occurred.