Mathematical Functions

+ Add Addition operator
- Subtract Subtraction operator. NOTE: Always put a space on either side of the ‘-‘
* Multiply  Multiplies 2 values
DIV Divide  Divides 2 values
MOD Modulo Finds the remainder after division of one number
RANDOM(length) Random Number Generates a random number or string
ROUND(val, places) Round Rounds a val to the number of places
POW(val, power) Power Returns a number from val raised to the value of power
TRUNC(val) Truncate Truncates given number value to an integer. Effectively rounds number down to zero decimal places.
MAX(val1, val2) Maximum Returns the larger of two numbers
MIN(val1, val2) Minimum Returns the smaller of two numbers
CEILING(val) Ceiling Returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to the specified number.
FLOOR(val) Floor Returns the largest integer less than or equal to the specified number

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