Save Money 5 Ways with Mobile Forms

Have you considered using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to save money and increase efficiency?

Using mobile forms can help you to cut business expenditure in many ways, and you may even be able to use existing mobile devices to keep the price of your “paper-free revolution” to a minimum.

Here are just some of the potential savings…

1. Save Money on Paper

Could your business save money with mobile forms?No more costly 3-part paper forms to buy.

No need for a dot matrix printer to print on them, either.

Everyone who needs a copy of the form can receive it by email automatically.

Signatures, photographs and sketches can be captured on your mobile forms, so there’s no actual need to print.With FormsFly, you can also provide reference materials to your mobile workers right there on their smartphone or tablet.  That saves more paper and also ensure that they always have up-to-date reference materials.

For instance, maybe your field service workers need to see a spare parts list for each of the machines they work on.

Or perhaps your sales team need access to PDF brochures on your products.  They just tap an icon and there it is.  And it’s always the latest version.

2. Cut Printer Costs

If you currently pay to have your forms stationery printed with your logo etc, you can say say goodbye to that cost too.

You might want to go completely paper free.  But if you, your customer or anyone else does need to print out the form, they just use their regular PC or network printer.

Save money and save the planet, it’s a win-win!

3. Cost of Getting Forms Back

Get Forms Back

Are your mobile workforce sending you paper forms via fax or through the post? Or do they have to have scanners so they can email completed forms back to you?

Either way, that’s no longer required with mobile forms.  They just submit the form and you receive it right away, no matter where in the world they are.  And so does anyone else who needs a copy.

4. Labour Costs

How much time is wasted in printing, reprinting  or writing out the forms?  Lining up the dot matrix printer?  Scanning and emailing paper forms?  Updating the mobile team with the latest documents?

And how long do your team spend deciphering illegible handwritten forms?

Of course, if your team also have to re-key data from the paper forms, there is heaps of time to be saved.  The completed mobile forms can update your system automatically (or with approval from your team), saving hours and reducing errors.

5. Respond Faster

Because the forms get to you pretty much straight away, you can respond or follow up faster, as required.

Respond FasterSo, if completed worksheets arrive quicker, then you can invoice the job earlier – great for cashflow.

Or, if sales lead forms get to you today, you can have your quote out to the client before your competitors can do so.

Use your increased speed and agility to your advantage.

When you think about it, there are lots of opportunities to speed up processes and save valuable time by replacing paper forms with electronic ones.  And we haven’t even talked about how you can work smarter too.  More on that in a future post.

FormsFly is an easy to implement mobile forms package which works on iPad and iPhone , as well as on Android devices.  It allows you to do all of the above and more.  

Why not take a look around the main FormsFly website?


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