Integration API Overview

We provide an Application Programming Interface (API) for programmatic access to data hosted on the platform.
This document outlines the API and is intended for software developers and systems integrators.

The API is exposed using web services in a REST approach, providing a flexible and simple set of interfaces that can be accessed from just about any programming language.

Our platform was built to integrate, so robust two-way data transfer is supported on several of the objects exposed.

All APIs support both JSON and raw XML formats.

To access the various APIs, you must use the generated Integration Passkey which can be found on your Provider configuration page of the website.

Keep this Integration Passkey safe since it is the principal key used for keeping your data secure.

The base URL for all Cloud APIs is

General Data Type Notes

  • If not explicitly stated, date values are expected to be formatted using ISO 8601 format:
    where time zone is UTC, time is in 24 hour values and the “T” and “Z” are delimiters.