Import Tasks from Excel

Want to send all of today’s job sheet forms to your mobile workforce, without doing it one form at a time?

The new Task Import facility lets you import tasks (eg “Fill in form XYZ for Client ABC”) and optionally send those tasks to the mobile users too, all with a quick upload of an MS-Excel spreadsheet.

As well as creating tasks manually, you can create an Excel spreadsheet and upload them, either one at a time or en masse.

You can create the spreadsheet manually, or maybe get your internal office system to create it automatically (with all of today’s job details, for instance, so they can be sent to your mobile workforce).  Either way, the Excel spreadsheet needs to be in a specific format.

Importing Tasks from Excel

Here’s a link to an example of the required format (you can use it as a template):


Once you have your spreadsheet ready, you can import it by logging into your FormsFly Website Admin area.

Click on TASKS and you can then on the new IMPORT button.

If you wish to send the tasks straight to the users, you can tick the box.   If you’d prefer to review the tasks first, leave the box unticked.

Finally, click where indicated and browse for the Excel spreadsheet to be uploaded.

Assuming your upload file is in the correct format, you will see the imported tasks in the list.

How easy is that?