Manage Users

When you signed up, you were created as a user with website access and the Administrator role.  You can add as many users as you like and you can control their level of access using roles.

Creating a New User

To create a new User, use the “add new” option available in the options bar.

Enter a first name and last name for the person.

Enter an email address for the User.

This needs to be a valid email address that the user can access.

External Id is an optional field that lets you enter an identifier for the person from your other systems – e.g. your payroll or human resources system.

The External Id can be included when exporting data that the User has been involved in, such as Form entries.

Decide whether this user should have secure website access.

If so, tick the “User can access website” box – a list of access permission will then show.

Select the areas of the website that the User can access, and also assign a role to the User

Administrator gives the user full administration control in the website

Full Access provides the ability to create new items such as Forms but does not give the web user access to the Administration areas (e.g. Organisation Setup, Users, User Groups).

A Read Only web user can view all data and items but does not have the ability to create new items.

If you are using Groups, then you can assign the web user to one or more Groups as desired.

Assign Folders to the User from the list of available Folders.

Every Folder assigned to a User allows the Screens, Docs and Data Sources inside that Folder to be downloaded and viewed when the User logs into the mobile app.

If you are using User Groups, then you can assign the user to one or more Groups as desired.

Once you’ve filled out the fields, hit the Create button to create the App User.

When you create a new User an invitation email is automatically sent to their specified email address.

The email contains the temporary password that must be used when logging into the website/app for the first time.

Editing User Information

After creating a new User, you will enter the Edit User page.

You can also enter this page for existing Users by rolling over the rows in the User list page and clicking the “edit user” option.

Looking around the Edit screen, on the left you will see the same fields from the Add New screen.

These fields work the same way as in the new User screen.

On the right you will see management buttons, status information and a list of the devices used by the User to log into the app.

You will see a Send Invite and a Delete button.

The Send Invite button lets you resend the invitation email to the user’s email address.

The Delete button lets you delete the user, which will also remove their access to content on the mobile app.

Active Users vs Inactive 

Once a User logs in for the first time their status changes to Active, and the Delete button is joined by a Deactivate button.  Your account is billed each month for the number of ACTIVE users that month.

Clicking the Deactivate button will change the User’s status to Inactive. This status means that all Screens, Docs and Tasks will be removed from the User’s installations of the mobile app.  If they remain in Inactive status for the  entire billing month, then you will not be charged for them in that month.  It’s that simple!

Inactive Users can be reactivated using the Reactivate button (which only shows when an User has an Inactive status).