FormsFly is Moving Home

FormsFly On the MoveOver the coming weekend (27/28 May) we will be moving the FormsFly cloud platform from its current Microsoft Azure (USA) home to Microsoft Azure (N Europe).

The FormsFly system will then be based in the Netherlands, with failover replication to Ireland.

There are two main reasons for the move:

  1. Performance

    The Europe node has better response times. This will be a benefit to every FormsFly user when accessing the website or synchronising the mobile app.

  2. Compliance

    Although we have clients around the world, the majority are in the UK and Europe. We are often asked if the data can “live” within the EU, where data protection legislation is particularly strong. Of course, for some clients cloud hosting is simply not allowable. For these folks the option to host FormsFly on their own servers will still remain.

Existing FormsFly clients need to make sure that all of their mobile users are running the latest version of the app. At the very least, they must be on an app version ending in 4.46 or higher to connect successfully after the weekend move. There’s no other client action required.

Unavoidably, there will be between 4-8 hours of downtime on the FormsFly platform and app synchronisation. This downtime will happen during the period Saturday 27 May to Sunday 28 May. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are sure that everyone will appreciate the improvement in performance after the migration.