Your Finger is a Pencil

Impress your clients and colleagues by including a finger sketch when you are completing a FormsFly form.  It’s dead easy.  You can also draw on your photos, maybe to highlight something.

You don’t have to be an artist to use this feature and it opens up all kinds of possibilities.

drawonphotoDrawing on Photographs

Do you have a vehicle or property defect form?  You could take a snap of the defect and then highlight the problem with an arrow or a circle.

To set this up, in your form design you need to use the “Media” question type.  The icon looks like a camera:


Once you’ve added your field and published your form, your mobile users can tap to take a photo, then tap the resulting photo again to draw on it.  It’s that easy!


Are you quoting for a customer job?  What about drawing a quick sketch of the area to be worked on?

For this kind of thing, you would use the Sketch question type.  The icon for this one looks like a pencil on a piece of paper:


Your mobile users simply tap to make their sketch.

Using Your Masterpiece

Whether you use a Media or a Sketch question, the resulting photos and drawings are available in your form data, so for instance you can include them in a PDF copy of the form to be sent to you and/or the customer.

If your users find drawing with their fingers a bit tricky or inaccurate, they can use a stylus (they’re cheap and easily available – just do a Google and look for one that’s compatible with your tablets or phones).

Why take paragraphs to try to describe things, when you can provide a picture instead?  Give it a try!