Dynamic Question Features

The Form Designer provides advanced features for your questions and answers, such as default values, hiding/showing questions conditionally, calculated answers and more.

Custom Invalid Messages

Your own message to display to the App User if the answer to the question is invalid.

Conditional Logic (Visibility of Questions)

Whether or not a question or group of questions should appear based on a previous question’s answer.

Default Value

A static default answer value that the question should have prior to the App User editing it.

Calculated Answers

Used if the answer for this question should be populated based on the answer to previous question(s).

Custom Answer Constraints

If the data accepted into a question is dependent on the answers to a previous question.

Dynamic Question Text and Hints

The ability to include answers from prior questions in the displayed label and/or hint of a question.

Dynamic Filtering of Choices (Cascading List Questions)

For cases where the available answers for a Choices question is determined by the answer of a prior List question.